Trait Upgrading

Upgrading from a full common to full legendary trait (left to right)
  • There should be real utility around upgrading rarity, or why bother?
  • Increasing rarity should not be easy, or it devalues rarer traits
  • There should be a cap on all traits: you shouldn’t end up in a scenario where 20% of the supply share a ‘legendary’ trait.


The game we are building is a skill based game influenced heavily by Runescape. We wanted trait rarity to have a real impact on gameplay so that it provides the incentive for holders to upgrade their trait rarity. Our solution was to tie trait rarity to in game level caps and buffs:

The numbers above may be adjusted in order to achieve game balancing

Free to Play versus Paid Players

We want to open the game up to everyone while still incentivizing buying an NFT. We can do this again by setting level caps within the game. If you want to access the full content and level cap you will need to own one of the original 1,111 Perky Pikas (maxed out in rarity).

Protecting Rarity Value

We have decided to make upgrading traits relatively costly in LEAF terms. This should take holders a long time to achieve. There should be a question of prioritization: to spend LEAF on upgrading rarity traits, upgrading the in game house, or spending LEAF on Pika evolutions. By making it costly, LEAF coin becomes more valuable and we drive utility and demand to it.

Table showing the cost to upgrade traits and supply caps

The value of 1 of 1s

Should you be lucky enough to mint or buy a 1 of 1 Pika you will own a prized asset! Not only will you walk around in game with a unique avatar, your NFT will be considered fully maxed across all traits.

Baby Pikas

Baby Pikas can also have upgraded trait rarity. Baby Pikas have dual utility: they can be used as an in-game playable character, or they may be evolved to provide an in-game companion. The type and quality of the in game companion will be influenced by the rarity of the baby Pika that is evolved.



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1111 unique Pikas hopping on the Solana Blockchain. We are an evolving lore based NFT collection centered around building a 2D top down play to earn game.